As a Commissioner of the Brookline Housing Authority,

Increase resident involvement and participation:
Involving BHA residents in decision-making processes is crucial for creating fair and equitable housing policies. I will work to increase resident involvement by hosting regular meetings and conducting surveys and focus groups.

Address issues of discrimination and harassment:
No BHA resident should experience discrimination or harassment in their own home. I will work closely to ensure all residents feel safe and respected.

Improve transparency and accountability:
All BHA residents should have access to information about the Housing Authority and its operations. I will provide regular updates and reports on the BHA’s activities.

Increase affordable housing options:
I will  work with the Select Board, the Housing Advisory Board, and local developers to create additional affordable housing units and will advocate for increased government funding for additional affordable housing projects.

Enhance resident services and support:
will work to expand and improve resident support services, such as job training, educational programming, and increased access to mental health resources so all BHA residents can succeed and thrive.

Alignment with Brookline's Climate Action Plan:
Ensure that any changes to BHA properties align with the Town’s Climate Action Plan and follow environmental justice practices